Friday, October 21, 2005

Quick Update

Now that my hair is done in prep for tonight’s round (always the hardest part! I went with the double loop chignon.), I can sit and write a quick update.

This morning’s round went fine, very smooth, nothing eyebrow-raising either good or bad. The competition runs like clockwork, with each semi-finalist given a 4 minute spot (both for morning and evening). There are plenty of volunteers around, mostly chorus members of Eugene Opera, to guide us through the halls of the Univ of Oregon. I had half an hour in a warm-up room, then ten minutes in the green room while they got things started. There was a small audience this morning, and they were told about the strict time limits. I think they were also instructed not to mess with that time limit by adding applause time, ‘cuz when I was finished no one clapped! It was so weird. When it’s just an adjudication panel, you don’t expect applause; but when there is an audience of any size, we’ve come to expect that formality. It really threw me for a second! Once I realized they weren’t going to clap, I said my “Thank you!” and headed off. The pianist was very good; I think he’ll be playing tonight and Sunday, as well.

I was happy with how I sang. I got a bit distracted in the interlude and came in just a tad late for the next entrance. The pianist (David?) was right there with me, though, so no harm, no foul. I head the next four or five singers while waiting for the shuttle, and, boy, there are some great voices. A few colleaques from Seattle, and a couple of women that are friends of friends. Good company.

I’ve been asked to sing Adele’s Laughing Song tonight, which is one of the two I was hoping they’d choose. (The other was Glitter and Be Gay, which had its first outing last weekend at the BBOT fundraiser. It’s a great fit, and I’m think about making it my English aria. Have to gather opinions on whether it’s “opera” enough. Oh, and with the cut, it’s exactly 4 minutes!) I’m wearing my blue gown (I’ve written this post in fits and starts while getting ready, so I’m dressed now!), one of six dresses that my mother sent me in grad school. She went to Nordstrom Rack looking for recital gowns for me, and hit the mother lode (if you will). This one has served me so well. It fits perfectly, and is a timeless cut. For jewelry, I opted for a colorful but understated rhinestone necklace and earring set that my in-laws gave me for Christmas last year. I have to say, I look good!

I feel good, too. I’m wearing a good luck charm today for the first time, a little mushroom pin with a wonderful story. That will have to wait, though, because my chariot awaits! More soon.

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Sarah said...

So, are you Joan or Melissa Rivers? You trip me out with your fashion commentary! Be sure to take a picture -sounds spectacular!

I LOVE Glitter. I kept doing it well after my voice grew - I would never have done the role, but I had way more fun at auditions when I was asked for it. However, regarding if it's legit or not: I was shocked that NEC actually sent my audition tape back and asked me for another aria because Glitter was musical theatre. I'd never heard that before or since, and this would explain why you're questioning it. I say do what you love. Everyone knows how difficult the aria is, and enough opera houses have done Candide for it to be legit. Plus, the last time it was revived on B'way an opera singer was cast as Cunegonde.

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