Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A quick note about business

(I say this is a note about business, but on second reading, it applies just as easily to any relationship. Duly noted...)

Do not be afraid to admit it when you made a mistake. Don’t grovel or whine, just say “I’m sorry I dropped the ball on that one. Can we move forward?” Because you never know when a mistake can turn around into something good. Miscommunications, when repaired, often create greater understanding in the long run.

I’m speaking from personal experience, of course, but that’s all I can say for now! Hopefully this mistake-turned-good will continue to be good, and I can give details in a few weeks.


rb said...

good advice in any sphere

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed

Ariadne said...

So very right you are!

I've recently had occasion to discover a sincere apology being a very healing and over all healthy thing. I was the one doing the apologzing ... (oops!) (ahem.) :)

BTW, thought this article was interesting, apropos of your post:


ACB said...

Wow, Andrea, that's a great article. And so true. Thanks for posting it.

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