Thursday, October 06, 2005

Packing, yet again

My first trip of the fall is upon me. I'm packing to go to NYC for the weekend, ostensibly for the Center for Contemporary Opera competition on Saturday and Sunday. But I have so many lunches and drinks and coffees planned with friends, that it almost feels more like a social visit! And, maybe the thing I'm most excited about: I get to meet my nephew, James. I even finished his gift (a crocheted blanket) in time to take it along. My niece Sylvia didn't get her present until she was almost nine months old, so I'm doing better on this one.

Ok, more from the big city this weekend.


Melissa said...

Break a leg!!!!! :)

MCR said...

Glad to know things are going smoothly for you and Erik. I think when you remember to allow it all to happen, the nerves are a bit less. I am sure you will fit in beautifully with the company at the Met. Madison, Matisse and I will be thinking of you on December 1st.


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