Thursday, October 20, 2005

Off again

This morning I’m packing my suitcase again, headed this time for Eugene, OR, and the Belle Voci Competition. I have everything laid out on the bed – clothes, shoes, make-up, toiletries, etc. – now I just have to put it in the suitcase. KD is sticking close-by, hoping she gets to come along. She has her own trip planned this weekend, up to Orcas with the DT and folks. Last time she was there she ran around the property full-tilt for about 8 hours! I didn’t think it was possible to wear her out, but she slept the whole next day.

It’s a 5-hour drive to Eugene. I plan to split the listening between music and a book-on-CD. If I can get out of here within the hour, I should get to Eugene between 5 or 6, which should allow me to miss most of the nasty traffic. Wish me luck! The Eugene Hilton has wifi, so I should be able to easily update throughout the weekend.

In other news, I saw a familiar face on Brian Dickie’s blog this morning. Peter McGillivray, a Tanglewood buddy from 2004, is a Semi-Finalist in the Neue Stimmen Competition!! Go Peter!!! I’ll be wishing him luck tomorrow. He is a wonderful man with a beautiful voice, and he deserves all the success he is finding.

More tonight from Eugene!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Eugene. You have to love it.
If you're a coffee drinker you must head to Full City - their coffee is divine. I hope the Saturday market is still going on so you can experience that if you haven't already!

kimvox said...

Go Peter! He is an old friend from Aspen 2003 - totally deserves all his successes!

Amanda said...

Ah Eugene...the place where I will retire... Have a great time!! And kick butt baby!! I'll be thinking about you. love, AC

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